Heading 5j"

Dear Clients and families,


As you will be aware, the government have today taken the decision to move the country from the 'Containment' phase to the 'Delay' phase. This afternoon we have been given new guidelines to follow to slow down the timing of the peak of the crisis and ultimately reduce the level of that peak when it arrives in approximately four weeks time.


My primary concern is for each of my clients, their families and keeping you all safe to the best of my ability. 


I ask all clients from today:

  •  If you develop a" new and continuous cough" or a "high temperature"  it is imperative that you contact me as soon as you possibly can, regardless of time of day, on my usual number (01457)239018.  The current gov. guidelines is for the individual to self isolate for seven days. I will still continue to deliver your regular orders during this time by leaving them in a waterproof bag on your front door handle then telephoning you to alert you that it is there when sat in my car. I will then e-mail the appropriate Point Of Contact to let you know your relative has retrieved their meal and shut their door behind them.

  • To further minimise the transition of the virus the above deliveries will be done in the mornings to allow me time to disinfect my car, shower, wash my uniform and delivery bag thoroughly before deliveries start at lunchtimes.

From last Sunday, I made the following changes in the interests of safety for  everyone:

  • As well as washing hands on arrival to a clients; I now also wash on leaving, then in my car wash my hands, steering wheel, indicator sticks, door, gear stick, seatbelt and radio.

  • I have been keeping a "Coronavirus" diary in which I am logging the names of clients, dates and times of delivery, if I have had physical contact/ maintained a distance of  3-6 feet.

  • From next week i will only take stock delivered to my door to minimise the amount of time spent in shops.


I understand that this is a worrying time for some of you, I have been checking government guidelines twice daily waiting for a concrete update which I could implement. 


I will update you all on the current situation as necessary. In the meantime if any one has any questions or concerns please let me know.



Best Wishes,


Heather Marsden, 
HK Meals

Coronavirus Update

12th March 2020,   18:37pm

Coronavirus Update

12th February 2021

We are very pleased to report that HK Meals has received their first vaccination against Covid -19.

27th September 2020

HK Meals has undertaken and completed a "covid " course meaning that HK Meals is now a "Covid Secure Business" 

Ongoing and thorough checks as well as working responsibly(including PPE, Hand washing and sanitising as well as ensuring that our cleaning products meet stringent standards of cleanliness by only using products that comply with the following British Standards; BS EN 1276 (kills bacteria) BS EN 13697 (kills bacterial and fungal)  and BS EN 14476 (kills viruses)