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Tradition meets Nutrition with Compassion

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Tradition meets Nutrition with Compassion

Since we started trading in 2018,we have become renowned for our bespoke and personal service, this is partly made possible by not exceeding a strict number of clients on our books at any one time, coupled with a set number of clients for different needs / packages which means that as well as being able to cook in small batches, we can get to know you, your likes and dislikes as well as including our special touches by keeping in touch with your family with friendly regular e-mails.


Experienced in mobility problems, hospital recovery and dementia, you can trust us to treat our clients with compassion and patience


Our menu is tweaked throughout the year to afford choice, quality and just as important, the essential calories, fats and vitamins needed to stay healthy, and with our hot drink service the liquids to keep hydrated. 

All meals are freshly prepared on the day of delivery* with a minimum use of salt to allow for personal seasoning adjustment, if you require a smaller portion or pureed meal simply let us know.

Each meal is prepared for you as an individual, upon delivery you will notice your name of your meal box along with simple reheating instructions, written with those in mind who seldom use a microwave. If you don't feel confident in using a microwave, there's no need to worry, simply opt for our Compassion Package and we'll take care of that for you.

                                                   *Meals intended for weekend consumption are prepared on Friday's

Our Compassion Package

Daily delivery between Midday – 3:00pm


Chilled Main Meal of Choice From Our Bespoke Menu

Pudding of Choice

Sandwich of Choice


Upon arrival our friendly and experienced staff will place your sandwich  in your fridge ready for you to enjoy it at tea time.

Your Chilled Meal and Pudding will be re-heated plated up and served to you on a tray or at your table as you please, they won't forget the condiments either.

Finally a hot drink of your choice will be brewed, served alongside your meal,  if you prefer  a cold drink or you would like a reminder to take any medication prescribed to you*, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

On Fridays, your delivery person will also bring four extra meals for you to eat over the course of the weekend, we can provide a mixture of Chilled Meals for you to reheat following our simple clear re-heating instructions, or a variety of different cold platters, the choice is yours. 

As a matter of course we encourage families to keep in touch with us by sending regular friendly e-mails.


Min. 4 days per week                    *Upon proof of prescription

Heading 5

Our Nutrition Package

Daily delivery between Midday-3:00pm


Chilled Main Meal of Choice

Pudding of choice

Sandwich of choice


Upon arrival our friendly and experienced staff will plate up your sandwich and place in in your fridge, ready for you to enjoy at tea time

Your freshly prepared Chilled Meal and Pudding will be left for you to follow our simple and clear reheating instructions leaving you with the comfort of being able to eat at a time that you are used to.


On Fridays your delivery person will bring a pre prepared meal for you to enjoy over the course of the weekend. We can provide a Chilled meal for you to reheat or a cold platter. the choice is yours.


On those occasions where you may be ill, we can also dish up and serve your meal to you, just contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we can help you

As a matter of course we encourage families to keep in touch with us by sending regular friendly e-mails.

Min.4 days per week.

Our Tradition Package

 Daily delivery between Midday-3;00pm


Chilled Main meal of choice from our bespoke menu

Pudding of choice from our bespoke menu

Upon arrival our friendly and experienced staff will deliver your delicious freshly prepared meal directly to your home with a few words of conversation before  departingby following our simple and clear reheating instructions you are able then reheat your meal at your leisure, safe in the comfort of being able to eat at a time that you are used to.


Min. 3 days per week. 

What our Clients are Saying

My wife and I have both been struggling with our health for some time but a turning point came when Derbyshire County Council suggested we try HK Meals. Since then we have not looked back and the compassionate care that we receive along with freshly cooked food, has been an absolute boon for both of us.

 - Mr and Mrs Senior, Glossop

Following health and mobility problems, my Mum is no longer able to get out and about, do the shopping and prepare meals like she used to.  My Dad does what he can but is in his 80's and has limited culinary skills.  HK Meals takes the worry away with the service they provide.  It eliminates the need to shop for fresh meat and vegetables, carry it all home and prepare a meal from scratch.  As a family, we know that our parents are receiving hearty meals which they thoroughly enjoy chosen from the bespoke menu for the elderly.  There is so much reassurance in this.  There is also the "knock on the door and the very pleasant chat", quite invaluable.

- Carole Wardle, 



I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support. You do a fantastic job and I know my mum always looks forward to seeing you and she really enjoys the meals. I am very grateful we have you as I know you do more than just deliver a meal and spend a little time chatting & making tea. We are very appreciative.


-Rebecca (Daughter of Client) 



Oh, my, I'm glad I found Heather when I did.

I was at my wits end wondering how to get food to mum. She has dementia but wants to retain her independence.

My sister suggested HK Meals and honestly I'm glad she did.

Heather's been brilliant. She's lovely, talented, helpful, flexible and caring - and she's local. 

 - Gillian Reid


HK Meals; a much needed service for people like my husband and myself who are housebound. 

It is such a help not to have to make these meals each day, for them to arrive hot and ready to eat with a few friendly words each day. 

The food is excellent. The tea-time food is wholesome, chicken stew with dumplings and apple crumble is one of our favourites. We have the meals twice a day they are reasonably priced too
 -  Mr and Mrs Dale,